Teak grain is straight, though it can occasionally be wavy or interlocked. 

Teak FEQ26 x 105 mm
Teak FEQ26 x 130 mm
Teak FEQ26 x 155 mm
Teak FEQ40 x 105 mm
Teak FEQ40 x 130 mm
Teak FEQ40 x 155 mm
Teak FEQ52 x 105 mm
Teak FEQ52 x 130 mm
Teak FEQ52 x 155 mm

The beautiful teak is one of the world’s most famous wood species and well sought after. The wood has a golden to medium brown color with dark brown veins and darkens over time. It is stable, durable and rot-resistant and is well suited for furniture and furnishings but also for boat building because of its excellent properties.

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