Jatoba grain is typically interlocked, with a medium to coarse texture. Good natural luster.

Jatoba FAS26 x 155 mm
Jatoba FAS26 x 205 mm
Jatoba FAS52 x 105 mm
Jatoba FAS52 x 130 mm
Jatoba FAS52 x 150 mm
Jatoba FAS65 x 130 mm
Jatoba FAS65 x 155 mm

Jatoba, or Brazilian cherry as it is also sometimes called, is a very hard teak-like wood. The decorative wood has a natural glow and is orange to reddish brown in color with gray elements and small brown stripes. It is tough and strong and difficult to work with. The Jatoba timber has a high durability and is both rot and weather resistant.

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