Birch European

European birch grain is generally straight or slightly wavy, with a fine, even texture. Low natural luster.

Birch superprime26 x 100 mm
Birch superprime26 x 125 mm
Birch superprime26 x 150 mm
Birch superprime32 x 100 mm
Birch superprime32 x 125 mm
Birch superprime32 x 150 mm
Birch superprime40 x 100 mm
Birch superprime40 x 125 mm
Birch superprime40 x 150 mm
Birch prime52 x 100 mm
Birch prime52 x 105 mm
Birch prime52 x 125 mm
Birch prime52 x 150 mm

Birch is Sweden’s most common deciduous tree and has a light, medium hard and very tough wood with straight fibers and fine texture. The subtle color difference of the growth rings gives the wood a uniform and uniform appearance. Birch is easy to work with hand and machine tools and is also easy to surface.

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